John & Katie's Homepage!!!


So this is our first Blog update... We will send out an email to everyone when we update this page or our photos so that you can all keep up to date with what is going on here in the US.

We move into our new house today... The rental furniture will arrive and then tomorrow the stuff that we brought from Australia will arrive. So in any case we will get a chance to get some more photos to put up in the next couple of days.

This week we will also get everything sorted yard wise, food wise and exercise wise. We have found that the Navy Base close to the house has a really good gym that we can go to and I've also met some guys who play hockey. Hopefully I'll get out to play this Saturday!

I start my course on Monday April 13th and then two weeks later we are traveling to Montreal to see Rob and Nicole for their belated wedding party in Canada. Looking forward to seeing them and once that is done, Katie is going to travel to Ottawa for a few days to see Kate there whilst I head back here and go back to work.

That's about it from now so I'll be off and you can wait for Katie to Blog here.

Cheers, JT

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