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G’day from Virginia Beach. Well we have finally moved into our new house and it is looking great. All the furniture fits nicely and it even feels like a home. Katie has started on the yard work by planting some Lily’s in the back and weeding the flower beds. Only a couple more to go!

Katie has also been working on her driving skills on the right hand side of the road. After two attempts she is feeling much more confident about things and it will not be long before she is tearing up the streets. You can take a look at photos of her new car too...

We had the Internet and Cable installed the other day and it is fantastic. 350 channels of which 200 are useless but there are a large number of HD channels and they are great including the NHL Network that shows Hockey Night in Canada every Saturday. The Internet is VERY fast... I downloaded 6 movies the other day in a matter of two hours at a rate of about 3Mbps whilst others were uploading from my computer at a rate of 1Mbps.

Today was Easter Sunday and we had a very nice day. Katie went for a run while I worked out the wireless network in the house. Then we went down to the Golf Course and had an Easter Lunch that they put on. For $20 each we got a great feed and dessert. Then we went to the driving range at the course and hit some balls (Katie had her first hit with real size clubs). Then we came home and mowed the lawn, wedded the front garden and washed my car. So it was busy but rewarding.

This week sees us taking some time to go and get my Social Security Number and heading the Motor Vehicle place. I do not start work for another two weeks so we may head north for a bit of a trip and then we head to Montreal on the 25th for Rob and Nicole’s party. I will only be staying for the weekend but Katie will stay for a week and see Linda and then head to Ottawa to see friends there.= Well everyone I think that is about it...

We both hope that all of you had a wonderful Easter weekend and that the Easter bunny was good to you. Take care and we love you.

Johnathan and Katie

Auntie Anne,Uncle John,Thomas and Jessica

How great to here what you are both up too, and see pictures of you both. It all sounds and looks wonderful. John could you have got a more sporty hot car? Love to you both and have lots of fun. xxx

Anne John Thomas and Jessica


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