John & Katie's Homepage!!!

So it has been nearly 6 months since we last put anything out on the Blog... So I guess that means that a good update is required; so here we go.

Since the end of Christmas holidays I was given the opportunity to quicken up my training - which I obviously took. What it did mean was a more fluent work time, longer hours but in the end it made sense. So I can finally say that I completed my conversion course on the 13th of May and am now working towards completing my instructor course over the coming weeks. All this just to be able to instruct students - Crazy!

The pregnancy has been going very well for Katie. We have been to see the OBGYN every month at the moment and everything has been fine every time we have gone in. Now the visits are down to every 2 weeks and then every week in August. It is getting a little harder for Katie to do some things which frustrates her at times but in the end she realizes that it is definitely for the best. The baby's room is pretty much complete with furniture and clothes - just a few more things to put together.

In the past 6 months we have had a few visitors too... Firstly my mum came out for about a week before going to Edmonton to see family. Great time although I had to work but her and Katie managed to do a lot of stuff together including sewing a few dresses, pillows, and sheets for the baby's crib. It was definitely a full on week but I know Katie and I sure appreciated all the hard work mum put in while she was here.

Katie's parents visited all through May and had a blast. The wanted a holiday where they could go home and still say they had a holiday - Not going home thinking they need a holiday for their holiday. So the only real 'long' trip we did was to NYC for 6 days. We got to see everything we wanted too there and they enjoyed the 8hr train ride up there and back - I flew with US Airways! Ken help with the Baby furniture to put it all together which was great for him to be part of that stuff and Katie's mum helped set up the baby shower that Katie had the weekend before her parents left. All in all a successful trip I would say.

And now for the future visits - well our friends Aletha and Josh get here this week and then we are home free until Little Bambino makes its appearance to the world... Then we have Katie's Parents, My Parents, and Katie's Sister coming in succession. Busy times for busy people!

As for the house and garden stuff... We did a bunch of work on the yard and garden - It has come up very nice again this year. A few pot plants to help bring some colour to the deck as well. The weather is starting to get a little warmer with a bit of humidity to it so it probably will not be long before we do not spend as much time outside. As for sports and stuff - hockey is still going well and my golf game has gotten better - Now on a 12 handicap and want to get it to 10 this year.

I guess that is it - We will try and update this more often once the baby is born to provide the most up to date photos and information. Sorry it has been so long but we are busy people just like the rest of you :-) Talk to all soon!

So it has been a while since we last updated our blog... Here's the scoop in a nutshell!

I have been busy with my course. We are currently about 3 months into course and have completed aircraft systems and communications. Next is software and hardware. All is going well and it is all very interesting. I will start flying in the next couple of weeks once I have completed Swim Phys which is a 2 day course at the swimming pool where they dunk you in the pool in the back of a mock E-2C, spin you around and you have to get out during a number of different circumstances that simulate ditching the aircraft in water.

Katie has been busy with her volunteer work at the hospital. She is really enjoying the work there and gets a lot of compliments from the workers there for her efforts. She is also keeping up a good fitness regime where she is at the gym atleast 3 times a week and running either on her own or with Cindy (a friend that lives 2 doors down from us) atleast 4-5 times a week.

We have both been playing bit of beach volleyball as well. I played in a tournament with Cindy's husband Jon (who works at the Squadron) and Katie played with a friend in the B grade. Although it is not netball, atleast we are out and about. Katie gets frustrated sometimes but I think she enjoys the time out and she is definitely getting better.

Mum and dad visited us for 4 days in late June. Katie took them to the botanical gardens and I took them through a tour of an E-2C at our hangar. Then we went up to colonial Williamsburg. All these new sites have been added to the webpage for your viewing pleasure. Dad and I also got a round of golf in!

The house and yard are coming along nicely. It has been pretty hot and dry here so we have been very concious of getting the lawn enough water. We have planted some tomato plants, peppers, basil, parsley and chives that are growing well. Katie even made a delicious basil pesto the other day that went very well with chicken and linguini.

I think that is about it and should get everyone up to date with what is going on. We hope that everyone is doing well and that we talk to you all soon.


G’day from Virginia Beach. Well we have finally moved into our new house and it is looking great. All the furniture fits nicely and it even feels like a home. Katie has started on the yard work by planting some Lily’s in the back and weeding the flower beds. Only a couple more to go!

Katie has also been working on her driving skills on the right hand side of the road. After two attempts she is feeling much more confident about things and it will not be long before she is tearing up the streets. You can take a look at photos of her new car too...

We had the Internet and Cable installed the other day and it is fantastic. 350 channels of which 200 are useless but there are a large number of HD channels and they are great including the NHL Network that shows Hockey Night in Canada every Saturday. The Internet is VERY fast... I downloaded 6 movies the other day in a matter of two hours at a rate of about 3Mbps whilst others were uploading from my computer at a rate of 1Mbps.

Today was Easter Sunday and we had a very nice day. Katie went for a run while I worked out the wireless network in the house. Then we went down to the Golf Course and had an Easter Lunch that they put on. For $20 each we got a great feed and dessert. Then we went to the driving range at the course and hit some balls (Katie had her first hit with real size clubs). Then we came home and mowed the lawn, wedded the front garden and washed my car. So it was busy but rewarding.

This week sees us taking some time to go and get my Social Security Number and heading the Motor Vehicle place. I do not start work for another two weeks so we may head north for a bit of a trip and then we head to Montreal on the 25th for Rob and Nicole’s party. I will only be staying for the weekend but Katie will stay for a week and see Linda and then head to Ottawa to see friends there.= Well everyone I think that is about it...

We both hope that all of you had a wonderful Easter weekend and that the Easter bunny was good to you. Take care and we love you.

Johnathan and Katie


So this is our first Blog update... We will send out an email to everyone when we update this page or our photos so that you can all keep up to date with what is going on here in the US.

We move into our new house today... The rental furniture will arrive and then tomorrow the stuff that we brought from Australia will arrive. So in any case we will get a chance to get some more photos to put up in the next couple of days.

This week we will also get everything sorted yard wise, food wise and exercise wise. We have found that the Navy Base close to the house has a really good gym that we can go to and I've also met some guys who play hockey. Hopefully I'll get out to play this Saturday!

I start my course on Monday April 13th and then two weeks later we are traveling to Montreal to see Rob and Nicole for their belated wedding party in Canada. Looking forward to seeing them and once that is done, Katie is going to travel to Ottawa for a few days to see Kate there whilst I head back here and go back to work.

That's about it from now so I'll be off and you can wait for Katie to Blog here.

Cheers, JT